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Last night, while stirring the wok with more enthusiasm than finesse, I managed to splash the dog with black bean sauce. He quite liked it and spent the evening grooming himself but couldn't do the top of his head. He has quite a faux-hawk today. It really suits him.

Here's Audi cashing in on this summer's block busters - Star Trek and Iron Man.

And here's a picture of the machine gun I was fiddling with at lunchtime to see how easy it would be too shoot out of a car window. It's a Great War Bermann MP18 and how it got in Mr XXXX's garden shed nobody knows, but it was in full working order when it was handed in. It's SO heavy. I can't pick it up with one hand which leads me to believe that I may be distressingly girly.


Nov. 5th, 2011 11:16 am
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Not a very good day at all yesterday with Nanoing. I got majorly distracted writing something else so only managed 1336 words.That's brought me way below the median line :( I'll have to work hard to catch up over the weekend.

I've shot myself in the foot this morning as well by staying in bed and reading Matt Houlbrook's "Queer London" instead of getting up and writing. I comfort myself with the idea that it's research for "Eleventh Hour" but actually it was idleness - I have other things to red but none of the others could be reached just by sliding an arm out from under the duvet.My bedside reading pile is nicely reachable without even exposing my elbow.

Anyhow - word count is now

And here's a tiny snippet: Read more... )
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And just to prove that there's nothing new under the sun:

I particularly like the chorus line.
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You'll find masses of comment elsewhere about the importance of historical accuracy in historical novels and normally I give it a thumbs up and a well said. But right now I'm cussing myself because I can't find out what a particular building looked like in 1928. I may have to [shock horror] guess a bit.

On the other hand I've had some of that blissful Googling serendipity where looking for a theatrical performance that my protagonists could attend I've found a theatre and restaurant that have been restored to the appearance of the period, a complete list of plays performed there since it was opened, and a photo of a couple of pages of the script plus a cast list for the play being performed at the time they could attend.

This makes me cheerful.

Also this and I hope there will be more later and so here's a snippet.

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After shilly-shallying around and making a load of rough notes, I bit the bullet this morning and started my new story, Eleventh Hour. Because it's not that long 'til Nanowrimo starts I thought I'd get into practice and I've decided to post regular word counts to invite derision if I fail to keep up with it.

So here we go! Between finishing breakfast and leaving for work this morning:

Not a lot but a lot better than nothing.

There's not enough of it yet to post a snippet. Later in the week perhaps.

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