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At the moment, a LOT! Because I'm desperate for my book cover for "Alike as Two Bees" so I can start officially squeeing about it. I've seen a draft and it's very pretty. :D
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If I was the marrying kind,
Which, thank the Lord, I'm not, sir,
The only girl that I would wed
Would be the scrum half's daughter

I woke up with it in my head. God help me.
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Bit difficult to do so from here, but I did send pizza :)
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I love it. And this:

on my laptop. Good ol' Sam Palmer.

Incidentally so I think I might make the 50k after all. :)
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Plot bunnies! I have a shedful.

I took tonight off as a 'reward' for breaking the 15k mark! Yay!

*bounces* And so my daughter and I went to see Tin Tin. I've heard bad things about it but Jen and I loved it. There was a lot of sly humour, slapstick and innuendo that put it right up my alley. And I adored the rottweiller! Some of the animation was a bit on the clever clever side, but it was so damn clever I could forgive it. It's grand to be able to unfocus on the main characters when they get irritating and find little gems of action in the background.Good fun.

Hmm daily snippet? Or nearly daily. Read more... )
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Penny whistle and bohdran

Until they beg me to stop - usually about 30 seconds
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I'd choose the castle closest to my home because, I'm told, there are no ghosts there. I think it' time we had a 'grey lady' and I qualify pretty well these days.

Just to make sure I got the right kind of press, I think I'll see about planting some bits of information where they can be found to support the story of a tragic love affair. Though actually observers might wonder why the ghost is inclined to giggle.


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