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Yes, I know I said I'd make a stab at finishing Lee Shore this week but stuff has happened - including checking proofs for Alike As Two Bees and finishing the guide book I've been writing for work - so progress has been pitifully slow.

Not as far along as I had hoped but I've written one of the difficult bits and now I need to write another!

Here's a snippet for those who remember who's in it: Read more... )

More when - um - I've done some more.
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Sue Roebuck has just challenged me to get On A Lee Shore finished by next week.

I'm mentioning it here so those that care can mock me if i don't do it! :D

As of now:

Another 10 to 15 K should do it.

Anyone else up for a writing challenge?


Nov. 8th, 2011 10:37 pm
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It has been a long day but I've caught up and am back on course to finish on 30th November. :D

And here's a snippet: Read more... )
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After shilly-shallying around and making a load of rough notes, I bit the bullet this morning and started my new story, Eleventh Hour. Because it's not that long 'til Nanowrimo starts I thought I'd get into practice and I've decided to post regular word counts to invite derision if I fail to keep up with it.

So here we go! Between finishing breakfast and leaving for work this morning:

Not a lot but a lot better than nothing.

There's not enough of it yet to post a snippet. Later in the week perhaps.

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