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Last night, while stirring the wok with more enthusiasm than finesse, I managed to splash the dog with black bean sauce. He quite liked it and spent the evening grooming himself but couldn't do the top of his head. He has quite a faux-hawk today. It really suits him.

Here's Audi cashing in on this summer's block busters - Star Trek and Iron Man.

And here's a picture of the machine gun I was fiddling with at lunchtime to see how easy it would be too shoot out of a car window. It's a Great War Bermann MP18 and how it got in Mr XXXX's garden shed nobody knows, but it was in full working order when it was handed in. It's SO heavy. I can't pick it up with one hand which leads me to believe that I may be distressingly girly.
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The National archive has scanned and made available over 5000 service records of naval officers. This is primarily for the convenience of family historians.

This page offers options for searching and this one is the full list.

I'm having a poke around but I doubt I'll find my Dad on there. He only made it up to the rank of Leading Wireman!
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Usually it's www.etymonline.com - good for wasting several hours any day. But currently it is Bad-ass Of The Week.

A mixture of 'facts' gleaned from Wikipedia and the more sensational websites, the author admits that 'history' has little to do with it:

I have of course in true Badass of the Week fashion chosen the most interesting/awesome versions of his stories and assembled them into one hopefully-cohesive narrative, but as is the case any time you're talking about an obscure lunatic on the run from the law over two hundred years ago, you should take most of this shit with a grain of salt from an historical perspective.

And that gets extra points from me. I wish more academics were that honest. Kudos to Ben Thompson for telling it like it is, in language usually heard from lads discussing computer games. Here's the intro to his entry for Cherokee Bill:

The most recent series of badasses I've featured on this website have been from many different backgrounds and historical periods, but they've all basically had one thing in common - they've all been these grand, altruistic, noble do-gooders, heroically battling for the righteous principles they believe in, performing incredible deeds of bravery, and putting their lives on the line without hesitation to help their friends, save lives, and preserve freedom at all costs. This tale is a little different. This is the story of Cherokee Bill; and he was a complete motherfucker. A down-and-dirty, shoot-first plague on humanity without a single redeeming quality besides his unstoppable desire to murder, pillage, rob, and destroy everything he could get his hands on. A blood-chugging, sucker-punching outlaw from a gnarly tradition of ass-reaming wanton destruction so over-the-top maniacal in his diabolicalness that he would have made even the saltiest pirates, the most garlicy Mafia enforcers, and most mutton-soaked conquerors from history weep a single tear of joy into their extra-virgin Bloody Marys (which back in pirate days were called "extra virgin" simply because they were made with virgin's blood and vodka and maybe a stick of celery or a splash of V-8 juice).

So many potential plot bunnies on that website!!

And now - I go and do some flaming work!


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