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This year has been worse than usual for getting the hibernation blues. Going to and from work in the dark, anti-UV film on the museum windows and low lux levels, huddling by the fire and dozing doesn't give much opportunity for doses of vitamin D and the bottled stuff doesn't really cut the mustard. But January is almost gone and the sun actually came out today so I feel I should stick my head over the parapet and wave a bit, even if it is with a white flag.

What have I been doing? Mostly see above. But I edited a story that I finished in November, pseudo-medieval hokum inspired by the Black Knight sketch in Monty Python and the Holy Grail. To avoid copyright infringement I didn't allow my hero to say either "that's just a flesh wound" or "I've had worse" but it was an effort.

I've been reading - a lot - catching up on books that everyone says are wonderful. I'm about to start Abigail Roux's Cut and Run series which sounds just up my alley and I'm trying couple of other things that might not be from the blurbs but you never know until you try. Reading recommendations - the only thing that would improve Joe Abercrombie's First Law series would be a sympathetic gltb character who doesn't die [though there may be one yet, I'm only part way into Before They Were Hanged]. Another rec - Skybound by Aleks Voinov. I can't think of anything that would improve that.

Anyhow, want a snippet? Anyone? Have a bit of A Taste of Copper anyway:
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