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Guess what I've been doing today!

Making wig curlers out of air drying clay, that's what! Herself has decided she needs 50 of them so she can - well, to be honest I'm not entirely sure what she wants them for. I merely follow orders, right? Right.
Proper wig curlers are made from pipe clay and are smooth and white and look like little bones. Mine are made from terracotta and look like little lumpy double-ended willies. Probably nobody will notice. This makes me happy.

Another happiness is that I've got a guest on my Comfy Chair blog. Kiran Hunter, author of Bedevil, is answering questions about ghosts, inspiration and sequels and there's a very nice excerpt of Bedevil too. Bedevil is a terrific and quirky short story about a gay couple, one of whom inherits an old house with a very unusual sitting tenant. Come and show Bedevil and Kiran some love. :)

And finally please excuse me for squeeing a tiny bit - my pirate novel On A Lee Shore has been accepted for publication! :) I'm apologising in advance because I'll probably natter on about it a bit.
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Yes, I know I said I'd make a stab at finishing Lee Shore this week but stuff has happened - including checking proofs for Alike As Two Bees and finishing the guide book I've been writing for work - so progress has been pitifully slow.

Not as far along as I had hoped but I've written one of the difficult bits and now I need to write another!

Here's a snippet for those who remember who's in it: Read more... )

More when - um - I've done some more.
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Sue Roebuck has just challenged me to get On A Lee Shore finished by next week.

I'm mentioning it here so those that care can mock me if i don't do it! :D

As of now:

Another 10 to 15 K should do it.

Anyone else up for a writing challenge?
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I've made considerable changes to my story about the sculptors. It was okay - ish - but needed more oomph so it has more oomph plus a bit of eeeeww-factor.

Also I'm adding to my pirate novel again and have come to the conclusion that while I may not be able to manage sexy, I might make a stab at silly.

But not much point in telling when I could be showing.

'Alike As Two Bees' Snippet Read more... )

'On A Lee Shore' snippet Read more... )
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Last night I discovered M Chandler's The Shadow of the Templar series on Lulu.com at the astounding price of 59p each for the ebooks. I read them aaaages ago online and loved them, so I bought them and made myself dopey by devouring the first 50 pages of the first in the series between midnight and 1am.

What baffles me is why these stories are on Lulu.com at all. They are VERY good fun. Need a bit of an edit maybe and Chandler subscribes to the school of thought [probably started by that dick Elmore Leonard] that one doesn't need to say WHO is speaking because it should be obvious from the context. This works okay with just 2 characters but with a quick fire banter session with six people all having their say it can get confusing. But that apart these are GOOD. Well worth the time of a publisher, I'd have thought. I just hope she gets plenty of sales, she deserves them.

My pirates are growing slowly at the astounding rate of 500 words a day *preens* and there have been relationship developments!!

Here have a snippet: )
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That's because I finished the edits to Alike As Two Bees and pestered two very kind people who had agreed to look it over for me. The result overall seems to be 'needs a bit of work' but was positive enough to keep me smiling and motivated. You'd think at my age I'd be more robust, wouldn't you?

Anyhow, now I'm cutting the 'that's, 'then's and 'there was'es and adding some bits to clarify what's going on. And then I'll get it betaed and then edit again and then think about where to put it. Fun stuff.

Meantime here's a bit of pirates. I wrote it back in January and had completely forgotten about it:

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