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Aug. 5th, 2013 03:41 pm
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 I really must remember to post here more often because I miss my old mates and it's silly not to make the extra effort to keep in touch.

What's going on then? I know I have to congratulate Julian Griffith on the release of what I'm sure will be the first of many novels. Love Continuance and Increasing was published by Storm Moon Press last week and she has a bit to say about it and sundry other subjects here. Well done Julian.

I've written a little this past week and feel a bit brighter. Not writing, for whatever reason, and my reasons have been good the past  couple of months, makes me edgy and miserable. Achieving even 1k a week is so much better than nothing. At present Eleventh Hour is standing at just over 35k words and I have another 10k to go before going back to add all the bells and whistles, like the sex scene that I abandoned when I got bored with writing it. 

I'm sort of resigned to not having a book of any kind out this year. I submitted a short story in February but I understand it's still somewhere in the selection process. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for another 2 weeks then I might ask if they mind if I submit it elsewhere. If they do mind I'll keep on keeping my fingers crossed until I get a definite no, then I'll see if I can self pub it on Smashwords or offer it as a freebie, just to get another title out there. Can anyone recommend a good editor who won't ask more than one kidney?
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